Amarelo Suites Location

Privacy, seclusion and top tier views just a short drive away from Mykonos’ attractions

To the inexperienced traveller, Mykonos is just a small party island floating in the Mediterranean Sea. But to those in the know, it is a rich landscape promising adventure, romance, relaxation, fun and so much more. Yet, to take it all in, you need to choose your base wisely. Close to the iconic sights, yet safely removed from the buzz and hubbub, the Amarelo Suites location secures seclusion and proximity to all the excitement and action, in one eye-catching package.

Stunning view of Mykonos as seen from suite Iris. A 1 bedroom luxury suite in Ftelia, Mykonos.
The suite Iris sun beds by the pool. A 1 bedroom luxury suite in Ftelia, Mykonos with modern design.


High above the valley of Ftelia on the island’s northern and most unspoiled side, the Amarelo Suites location allows for unwinding and rest, in absolute privacy, against stunning seascape views. Less than 4 km away from the postcard-perfect Mykonos Town, it is also ideal for sightseeing, shopping and bar-hopping in the famous labyrinth alleys of the whitewashed capital.
The surfers’, boho paradise that is Ftelia Beach sits at a 2.6 km distance, while the airport and port are 5.3 km and 5.8 km, away respectively.


  • Mykonos Town, is only in 3.8 km.
  • Ftelia beach is within a distance 2.6 km.
  • Airport is in 5.3 km away.
  • Port is within a distance 5.8 km.